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Interesting facts about public transport in Belgrade

svibanj, 2016.

  • 80% of citizens in Belgrade use public transport 2 to 3 times a week
  • 92% of interviewees notice ads in public transport; the majority notices exterior branding, while a slightly lower percentage pays attention to internal advertising
  • Public transport users have a positive attitude to advertising in public transport – over 70%
  • Users of public transport find ads containing the price of the product very interesting because they frequent shopping centres
  • The majority of public transport users makes shopping decisions independently, which points to the potential effect of ads placed in public transport
  • The positive attitude public transport users have to advertising in public transportation shows that this medium has great potential when it comes to transmitting messages to end-buyers
  • Given the fact that public transport users love to try out new products and enjoy advertising in public transport, it is safe to say that this medium could be put to good use when transmitting information about new products


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