There are 350000 pupils in 360 primary and secondary schools, and 47000 parents and children in kindergartens. Educational messages are present on over 15000 display boards in B1 format. Average daily contact with the message extends 60 minutes.
We have been implementing educational and preventive campaigns in cooperation with relevant ministries for years.
We invite you to sponsor educational campaigns and thus approach this very interesting target group.
According to global research children are precisely the group that has an ever stronger impact on purchases made in the household, and are particularly interesting when it comes to products that target them precisely.
Possibilities of promotion:
• Educational advertising on posters
• Educational flyers and brochures
• Organizing educations (environmental protection…) and preventive check-ups
We will quickly respond to your query and suggest a mode of communication with your target group. Tel: 01 4684 960 Email: