Croatian beaches are visited by over 10 million foreign and domestic tourists in one tourist season. The target group, tourists who are on vacation, accept all promotional messages on the beach easily and without distraction. Furthermore, they are relaxed, ready to spend extra money on their pleasure and are very often in the vicinity of a point of sale. Is there a better psychological moment for your message?
From Savudrija to Cavtat, on 300 most popular beaches in 90 tourist destinations, B1 plakati have set up their functional and attractive facilities, which dominate the beach and attract visitors. At least 7 days of 4-5 hours of potential contact with the advertising message on the beach, through the use of these media, guarantee concrete advertising and sales results.
Communicate with your target group when they are not caught up in the whirlwind of information and obligations but are relaxed and open to advertising messages, which results in immediate purchase or long retention.
Possibilities of promotion:
• Beach changing cabins
• Lifeguard towers
• Info boards and cabins
• Distribution of samples

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