Businessmen are a target group of consumer which rarely pay attention to commercial programs and press due to lack of free time and their lifestyle.
On the other hand this target group is particularly interesting due to it purchase power and great influence it has on making shopping decisions.
How to effectively communicate with businessmen?
Put up your advertising message or better yet offer it in a place where businessmen cannot ignore it or overlook it. Lifts, areas in front of lifts, entrances to major business towers are definitely locations where businessmen spend up to 20 minutes of their precious time every day. Advertising message in a business environment affects this target group at a special psychological moment (arriving to work in the morning, leaving for meetings, waiting for the elevator, contemplating going shopping on their way home…)
Possibilities for promotion:
• B3 posters in lifts and in front of lifts
• Illuminating B1 posters in entrance halls
• Promotional activities, presentations , tastings in entrance halls of office buildings

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