Croatia reports over 2.5 million visits to the doctor each month. The target group, individuals with health issues in waiting rooms of healthcare centres and hospitals, spends an average of 51 minutes waiting and in potential contact with the message. During this period they inevitably notice educational and promotional messages which shorten their wait with their interesting and convenient content. Furthermore, pharmacies, as points of sale, are located in the vicinity of healthcare centres and hospitals, where conveyed messages and triggered desires can be acted on right away.
A healthy man has a thousand wishes, and a sick man has only one! We all know that health is the greatest gift and we are all ready to invest money, time and effort into it. Locations like these are precisely the place where we also think about the health of our family. We make decisions to live a healthier life, to eat a more balanced diet, to take on additional physical activity…
If your product is in any way related to health, either as prevention or as treatment, than this is precisely the location your message and product must be.
Possibilities of promotion:
• Advertising on posters
• Advertising on LCD displays
• Distribution of samples and information through leaflets

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