Up to 2 million people with health issues go to 400 of the most visited pharmacies in Croatia each month. Majority come to the pharmacy following a visit to a healthcare centre, therefore the use of both marketing channels results in an excellent advertising synergy.
Products advertised in pharmacies instil trust and provide additional information at a key moment – the moment of making a purchase, precisely at the point of sale.
All pharmaceutical companies want to be in pharmacies at the point of sale! Our experience shows that all promotional materials you representatives leave in pharmacies are replaced quickly after the visit from another sales representative.
By using B1 advertising system in pharmacies you presence and the visibility of your messages is guaranteed throughout the entire duration of the lease!
This way pharmacies generate additional income and it is in their best interest to ensure that educational-promotional messages assist the sale of your product.
Possibilities of promotion:
• LED panel in pharmacy window
• Illuminating counter poster stand – thanks to its location on the counter it has been recognized as the most efficient advertising space in a pharmacy.
• Illuminating counter mat, promo stand, hangers
• Various other options – sample distribution, pharmacy branding, decorating show windows, etc.

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