Public transport is a day-time media in close vicinity of POINT OF SALE.

Within 14 days 730000 active individuals who use public transport generate over 10.2 million potential viewings of your posters.

During an average 40 minute return drive a day your potential buyers are exposed to the message they cannot turn off or disregard by changing the channel. They travel to work, school, university, they are going shopping or to a party… Later on, before they go back home, they usually do their shopping for the day.

It is especially important to note that there is a point of sale in the vicinity of every station (kiosk, shop, shopping centre…) where users of public transport can quickly fulfil the desire and need that has just been triggered in the vehicles. Sales results during and after the campaign show that advertising in public transport is very efficient and that’s the reason why it should be a constituent part of every successful media plan.

Possibilities of promotion:

  • Posters positioned vertically or horizontally inside trams or buses
  • Hang tags, gift hang tags, wobblers, promotional stickers
  • Vehicle branding (wraps)
  • Distribution of samples and promotions inside the vehicle

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